25 years in 250 words.

2016 marked 25 years of my professional photography career. In that time, I’ve learned many lessons, mercilessly beat up some gear, met many people, and even gone a few places. It seems fitting at this time to reflect not only on the joys and woes of the past year, but also on the trials and triumphs of the last 25 years since my start as a professional photographer. Over the next few weeks and into the new year, I’ll publish a series of blog posts focused on the mentors, models, muses, assistants, clients and gear that worked sometimes separately and often together to shape the artist and photographer I am today, for whatever that’s worth. Think of it as a glimpse into the opportunities afforded me on this first half of my professional journey. Not forgetting the talented young aspiring artists who have most recently been occupying my time and creative head space, I’ll also pay homage to the up-and-coming photographers who have added meaning and depth to my journey in photographer, both as an artist and as a mentor. Witnessing the growth and progress of these talents serves as both inspiration and motivation when most needed, and these protégés have earned their place in this tribute series. is my tribute to those years. Please feel free to share your comments on the posts that will follow in the coming days and weeks. Your thoughts and feedback are welcome, and if I forget to mention a group, let me know in comments throughout.